Healthcare Speaking

Terri Bogue is a board certified Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Her experience in healthcare spans the lifespan; she specializes in prevention of healthcare associated infections and integrating care in a process that supports patients and their families.  She has authored a chapter in the American Journal of Nursing 2015 book of the year, Information Overload and published articles related to healthcare acquired infections.  Terri has presented in national conferences and brings a spirit of possibility and support to her presentations.  She recognizes that each of us have the ability to be successful with the necessary knowledge and support.


Educational Topics

  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Prevention – Preventing HAI is one of the primary goals not just for healthcare facilities but also for every employee of every healthcare facility. Terri helps each person understand the vital role they play and new ways to collaborate to improve the outcomes of the patients they serve.
  • Patient/Family Centered Care – Recognizing that the provision of information and communication with the healthcare team is considered a key component of quality care, Terri helps systems develop interdisciplinary rounding processes that support the needs of both the patient/family and the healthcare team to develop trust and understanding.
  • Hand Hygiene – There is more to hand hygiene that just washing your hands. Explore the impact of hand hygiene on your family, patients, and yourself.
  • Learning from infections – Combining experience and knowledge when looking at individual and groups of infections provide insight to prevention.  Learn to evaluate events around infections to find associated causes and change practice to keep patients safe.

Inspirational Topics

  • Basho – Ba is a Japanese word for shared space. It applies equally to virtual and physical spaces. Basho is the integration of several shared spaces. The key is the ability to create an environment where ideas are shared safely and where our shared knowledge is increased.
  • Kin-to-Kid Connection – Finding ways for children and the people who care for them to connect and learn new ways to keep children safe. Each of us have significant impact in the lives of children, how do we make this a positive impact?

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