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Refining Real Search

Searching for something you need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sifting through your organization’s files can be a long, tedious process. This engagement video discusses how you can narrow down your search results from thousands of items to just one or two.  If you want to share this video, you […]

Successful Technology Change and ADKAR

A few of my friends and colleagues have been trained in the Prosci ADKAR method of change management. As a model, it’s a psychological perspective on how to approach change, where Microsoft’s approach for organizational change (as best expressed through the Service Adoption Specialist course on Edx.org) is more of a project management approach. Both […]

Communicating in Layers

You’ve heard the advice: dress in layers. In this video, we explain why you should communicate in layers, too. We discuss how layering is different than just repeating yourself, and why different channels of communication can help get your message out. If you want to share this video, you can get it ad-free. Just click […]

Book Review-Recovery: Freedom from Addictions

Sometimes you stumble into things, and you’re not quite sure how. I used to have book deals sent to my email and occasionally there would be a discount that made the book interesting. That was the case with Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions. I didn’t know the author, but the topic was interesting enough to […]

The Ethics of Encouraging Dishonesty

At some level, we all know that being dishonest is wrong. We don’t respect people who will outright lie to us. At the same time, few of us are willing to be completely honest with our crazy uncle about how we really, really feel about him and his challenges. We know that, socially, we need […]

Connect Calendars

Today’s world is busy. Having a calendar available at the touch of a finger helps, but most of us these days have to juggle multiple calendars, both personal and professional. This engagement video shows how easy it can be to connect your calendars into one place. If you want to share this video, you can […]

Step, Step, Click

I have never been in a literal mine field, and I’m not anxious to explore the opportunity. However, like all humans, I feel like sometimes I’m wandering around a field of emotional landmines. I can’t predict what will set someone else off – or what I can do about it. The truth is that others […]