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Book Review-Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities

I’ve been a part of or have led many groups in my time. Each one had a unique “feel.” Some were hyper focused, and others generally organized around a topic. Some were high technology and others decidedly not so. Developing communities has always been interesting, since some communities flourish and others languish. Understanding how communities […]

Book Release: Secret SharePoint

We interrupt our normal schedule of book reviews to announce that we’ve released our latest book – Secret SharePoint. We’ve been leaking some content from the project for months on our blog, through a free subscription to an email series, and through partners like SPTechCon. This has been in preparation for our launch of the […]

Toggling Checks in a PowerApps List

Sometimes you want to allow users to take actions on multiple items at the same time. One way to do this in an application is to include checkmarks next to the items in a list; however, doing this in PowerApps isn’t straightforward – and there’s a quirk around selecting checkboxes that you must work around. […]

Microsoft Flow, SharePoint, 429, and Throttling a Workflow to Death

We’re here to mourn the death of many a workflow instance at the hands of SharePoint’s HTTP throttling. Except it’s not SharePoint’s throttling that is the true killer. SharePoint’s just the accomplice in this crazy dance that will get your workflows killed. Though it’s possible to protect your workflow instances from being throttled to death, […]

Book Revisited-Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge, and Organisational Effectiveness

The first time I reviewed Organising Knowledge was 2007. The book was new then. However, Organising Knowledge has become a book that seems to have a lot to say – even 11 years later. When I wrote my last review, I was just beginning with knowledge management, information architecture, and organizational effectiveness. Since then, I’ve […]

Setting Default Column Values

This solution will discuss how default column values to make it easier to enter metadata. By setting these default column values on a folder-level, it means any document added to that folder will get the same value in the column as the folder. We’ll walk you through how this works, first by setting up a […]

Book Review-Email Marketing Demystified: Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts and Generate More Sales

It’s been several years ago now. I had a technology client that was a marketing firm. In a conversation with the president, we were talking about getting responses to an advertising campaign. He said to me, “I can guarantee you a number of responses, I just can’t guarantee you it will be cost effective.” That […]

Indy CIO Network Lunch: Collaboration

Collaboration means working together towards a common goal. However, what does that mean in the context of IT at an organization? How can CIOs foster collaboration, and what’s the role of tools? That was the topic of discussion at a recent Indy CIO Network lunch. Everyone in the room makes investments to collaborate. Their attendance […]

Using Word Quick Parts with a Custom Content Type

This solution walks you through the process of adding Quick Parts to the default template of a custom content type. This way, anyone who selects that content type from the library will create a new form with those Quick Parts added already. By filling out the Quick Parts fields, the metadata for that document will […]