Quick Tips (< 2 mins) for Microsoft Office Applications - Weekly

I get to sit next to my wife and work every day.  It’s an amazing experience, but occasionally we have a conversation that goes something like this:

Terri: “How did you do that?!?”

Rob: “Do what?”

Terri: “That.”

Rob: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

To stop our own personal version of Abbott and Castelo, I’ll stop there.  In the end, it turns out that I’ve learned some little tricks to using the Microsoft Office applications.  Whether it’s the Ctrl-Z combination to undo my last change, or Ctrl-A to copy everything, or something a bit more complicated, she wants to know how to do it.

Out of the blue, I got asked if I would do some tips for using Office applications for a community event.  When I accepted before thinking about it, I realized that they wanted 30 tips demonstrated in a 60-minute session.  In other words, I had to show people 30 tips in under 2 minutes apiece.  For that I knew I’d have to do videos.  The setup time to get sample data ready would just take too long.

So, I did that.  I recorded 30 tips that, on average, are less than 2 minutes each.  Each week on Tuesdays at 8AM EST (including today), I’ll be posting another tip.  There will be an introductory blog post and we’ll make the video available on YouTube.  Here’s the list of tips so you can look forward to them (as they go live we’ll come back and update this post with a link to them):

Microsoft Excel: Insert a Table

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Auto Fill

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Auto Fill Formulas with Dollar Signs

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Counting Values

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Formatting Headings

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Referring to Other Sheets

Quick Tip: Microsoft Excel: Freeze Panes

Quick Tip: Microsoft OneNote: Copy from Kindle

Quick Tip: Microsoft OneNote: Audio Recording

Quick Tip: Microsoft OneNote: Screen Clippings

Quick Tip: Microsoft Outlook: Search

Quick Tip: Microsoft Outlook: Turn Off Notifications

Quick Tip: Microsoft Outlook: Rules

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Animations

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Image Background

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Transparent Fill

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Change Shape

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Sections

Quick Tip: Microsoft PowerPoint: Slide Sorter

Quick Tip: Microsoft Word: Styles

Quick Tip: Microsoft Word: Paragraph Markers

If you’ve got a tip that you don’t see here, that can be done in two minutes, let me know.  I’ll record it and add it to the list.

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