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Workflow vs. Business Process Management

Posted by Robert Bogue on Friday, 5 Nov 2010 04:13 | 1 Comments |
In another one of my quick thoughts videos I cover the difference between workflow tools -- like the out of the box SharePoint workflows -- and business process management.


Saturday, 6 Nov 2010 09:26 by Robert Banghart
Thanks for helping to clear up the confusion about the differences between workflow and Business Process Management. Pointing out some the OOTB limitations in SharePoint’s workflow functionality in relationship to Business Process Management was also valuable. What do you think of Adaptive’s ShareVis or some other third party solution to fill the gaps? (Full disclosure: I have no relationship to Adaptive beyond watching a webcast where they did a demo of ShareVis.) BTW: I enjoy this video series. Each one makes me re-evaluate my thinking.

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